S.O.U.L. Foundation envisions a world free of extreme poverty and chronic hunger, where people have the economic means to sustain their families. Our Village Business Cooperatives are designed to increase villager’s incomes in a sustainable way, thus allowing the rural poor to meet their families’ basic needs while creating additional income that brings the dream of education and upward mobility within reach.

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Mulungi Program

Ugandan women form the backbone of their communities, shouldering numerous responsibilities, the most important being the care of their children. Seeking to help these rural Ugandan women break the cycle of poverty, S.O.U.L. Foundation partnered with groups of women to create the Mulungi Collection of handbags, jewelry, embroidered headbands, and African baskets. The word “Mulungi” means beautiful in the local Lusoga language. The Mulungi collection unites sisterhood and feminine energy among women across the globe. Learn more…

Mulungi Tailoring Group

Women in the Mulungi Tailoring Group design and hand create embroidered headbands from African textiles and modern fashion designs. Their profits are used to purchase sewing machines and attend classes to develop tailoring skills. Soon they will apply their sewing skills by contracting with local schools to create uniforms for village children.

Mulungi Beaded Bag and Jewelry Group

Women in the Mulungi Beaded Bag and Jewelry Group create eye catching totes, clutches, coin purses and jewelry out of hand-rolled paper beads, each piece a work of art representing many hours of skilled crafting.

Mulungi African Basket Group

Women in the Mulungi African Basket group use natural banana leaf fibers along with inspiration from their native landscape to create beautiful hand-woven African baskets.