S.O.U.L. Foundation envisions a world free of extreme poverty and chronic hunger, where people have the economic means to sustain their families. Our Village Business Cooperatives are designed to increase villager’s incomes in a sustainable way, thus allowing the rural poor to meet their families’ basic needs while creating additional income that brings the dream of education and upward mobility within reach.

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SOUL Learning Farm

Traditional farming has proven to be a powerful tool in the quest for economic empowerment for the under privileged. In developing nations like Uganda, many families only have a small plot of dry land to farm. Inevitably, if the rains fail, these families struggle to grow enough food to survive. Sustainable animal husbandry makes a substantial contribution to household food security in struggling communities throughout Africa. We created the S.O.U.L. Learning Farm to provide villagers with the skills to establish successful, sustainable animal raising enterprises.

Poultry Program

Our Poultry Program provides a complete package of support – training, seed capital, and long-term mentoring – to help these villagers build successful, long-lasting micro enterprises. Learn more…

Get A Goat, Give A Goat Program

One of S.O.U.L.’s newer programs, Get A Goat, Give A Goat exemplifies the “Pay It Forward” philosophy that is at the core of our partnership model. After training in our S.O.U.L. Learning Farm, villagers are given one goat to raise and use for income. When the goat reproduces, one offspring is given to another member of the cooperative and another is given back to S.O.U.L. to be gifted to a new participant. Learn more…

Fish Farm Project

S.O.U.L. Foundation has collaborated with BEL (Bujugali Energy Limited) to construct tilapia fish ponds in remote villages in Uganda.  The objective of commercial fish farming is not only to produce fish at competitive market prices but, also, to create a sustainable source of nutritious food security in densely-populated rural areas of Africa. Learn more…