Educational Programs

S.O.U.L. believes that education is the foundation upon which Uganda will build a stable and prosperous future. Families already struggling within the cycle of subsistence living must pay school fees for every child seeking an education. Often these fees are beyond their means, and as a result, children with motivation and academic potential never see the inside of a classroom.

S.O.U.L. Foundation focuses on creating partnerships with families through a shared approach to learning. To achieve this goal, S.O.U.L. created its Education Program. The foundation contributes 50% of tuition and book fees as well as a daily school lunch for each sponsored student. This provides scholastic opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach while keeping families invested in the academic success of their children.

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Sponsored academic levels:

  • Pre-primary school (pre-school preparation)
  • Primary school (K-6th grade)
  • Secondary school (7th-12ths grade)
  • Vocational school
  • University
  • Medical school

Your generous monthly contribution provides your student with the opportunity to learn, the supplies needed to attend school and a daily lunch. After your initial donation, you will receive a notification of your student’s name, age, school name, and life story. S.O.U.L. Foundation will email you a scanned copy of a hand written letter from your student three times throughout his or her academic year.

Levels of sponsorship*:

  • I Want to Sponsor a Student